First Thing – Thursday, 17 May 2018

By John Stupart 17 May 2018
Lionel Messi of Barcelona (R) challenged by Sibusiso Vilakazi (L) of Mamelodi Sundowns during the Nelson Mandela Centenary Cup soccer match between Mamelodi Sundonws and Barcelona at Soccer City, Johannesburg, South Africa 16 May 2018. EPA-EFE/Gavin Barker

"It's not natural for someone to be as stupid as he is tall, and yet there you stand.” ― Leigh Bardugo

The second reorganisation of government in less than five years is under way, and it could be far-reaching. Public Service and Administration is researching not only the configuration of departments, but also the centre of government model – a set of institutions providing direct support to the President in managing government alongside delivery units for government priorities.

While You Were Sleeping

Barcelona defeat Sundowns in 3-1 friendly

Barcelona has won the Nelson Mandela Centenary match 3-1. Careless Sundowns defending gave Barca all the opportunity they needed to secure two goals before Sibusiso Vilakazi could provide an answer. The friendly saw the likes of Luis Suarez and Andre Gomes and a guest appearance by Lionel Messi. The packed 80,000 Soweto crowd doubtless enjoyed one hell of a football spectacle.

Net Neutrality rules restored

The US Senate voted late on Wednesday to reinstate Obama-era Net Neutrality laws. In essence, the rules prevent major internet service providers from throttling traffic or charging for “premium” internet services such as YouTube or Social Media. Net Neutrality rules had been repealed by Ajit Pai, a Donald Trump stooge hell-bent on rolling back the regulation. The 2018 reinstatement, however, saw Republicans actually vote against Pai with Democrats.

Trump calls migrants animals

Taking a break from admitting to paying off Stormy Daniels, President Trump, leader of the free world, spend Wednesday telling California Republicans how migrants are ‘animals’. Trump was speaking at a discussion on the border wall, when he blurted “You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are, these aren’t people, these are animals and we’re taking them out of the country.”

Cambridge Analytica shared with Russia

A whistleblower has informed Congress that data overlords Cambridge Analytica utilised Russian researchers and shared data with intelligence-linked Russian organisations. Christopher Wylie, the source who blew open the Cambridge Analytica debacle in the first place, was talking to a Senate Panel on Wednesday. Never has your Farmville addiction been in more Russian hands.

In Numbers


The number of languages believed to be spoken in New York City.

Facts of the Day

Today in 1973 the televised hearings of the Watergate scandal began.

Bruce Lee was adamant that Muhammed Ali would completely defeat him in a fight.

CPT: min: 13° max: 23°, sunny
DBN: min: 16° max: 23°, cloudy
EL: min: 12° max: 26°, sunny
JHB: min: 6° max: 17°, cloudy
KIM: min: 6° max: 22°, cloudy
MHK min: 6° max: 22°,  cloudy
NLP: min: 10° max: 26°, cloudy
PE:min: 12° max: 31°, cloudy
PMB: min: 10° max: 22°, cloudy
PTA: min: 8° max: 21°, cloudy

Financial Data
JSE All Share=58,621.77
DJIA= 24,772.75
BTC$=8 292


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"Man is by nature a political animal" ~ Aristotle