First Thing TGIF, 11 May 2018

Detector dog Andy is seen for the last time on duty at Adelaide Airport, Adelaide, Australia, 10 May 2018. Andy is the last beagle detector dog left on mainland Australia, and he is being retired, marking the end of an era. Beagles have been used as detector dogs in Australia since 1992, but have been surpassed by Labradors. EPA-EFE/DAVID MARIUZ AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND OUT

"How you respond to the issue... is the issue." ― Frankie Perez

While some might claim that the violent, white right-wing extremist group, the Boeremag, was a creation of Crime Intelligence aimed at drawing out into the open a right-wing threat to democratic South Africa, the fact remains that those recruited were more than ready to resort to violence. In 2008/9, SITA employees communicated with jailed Boeremag-accused, André Tibert Du Toit, using SITA government-issue computers.

While You Were Sleeping

Imam killed in chilling Mosque attack

Gun-wielding attackers slit the throat of an Imam and injuring two others. The attack occurred at the Imam Hussein mosque in Verulam, Durban. Local security company RUSA  had arrived on the scene, and at one pointed encouraged a pseudo-vigilante hunt for the suspects at large. At-large they remain, however, with a manhunt currently underway to locate the three suspects.

Trump lawyer aspired to make an empire on his name

Michael Cohen, the $130,000 payment payer to porn stars and lawyer to President Trump, has had his business affairs revealed. The Washington Post and Stormy Daniels’ own lawyer Michael Avenatti revealed that Cohen’s company set up to pay Daniels also received over $2 million in deals from Russian oligarchs, AT&T and drug company Novartis. Key reports indicated Cohen had used his supposed leverage with Trump as a key bargaining chip in his business endeavours.

Seven dead in Western Australia home

At least four children and three adults have been found dead on a property in rural Western Australia. The seven all had gunshot wounds and two weapons had been recovered from the scene. Australian police were reluctant to go into further detail at present, but did add that they were on the lookout for a suspect, believing the deaths to be part of a murder-suicide.

Red Sox pitcher denies video games linked to carpal tunnel syndrome

Red Sox pitcher David Price is insistent that his preference for playing Fortnite, a new video game, was the cause behind numbness in his wrist and a diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome. Price maintained that his playing of video games – something which he would do even at the Red Sox stadium – began in 1997 and had nothing to do with it. Perhaps throwing a baseball at a wrist-cracking pace for several years at a professional level may have had something to do with it.

In Numbers

5 hours

The maximum working hours ever practised by Charles Dickens. He generally worked from 9am to 2pm.

Facts of the Day

Today in 1997 Deep Blue, a computer purpose built to play chess, beats Garry Kasparov.

Ancient Mexican civilization was the only New World Civilization to have ever invented the wheel and was the only group to do so apart from Sumeria.


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KIM: min: 12° max: 27°, sunny
NLP: min: 11° max: 28°, sunny
PMB:min: 13° max: 24°, cloudy
PE: min: 9° max: 26°, cloudy
PTA: min: 11° max: 25°, sunny

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