Community and land owner to meet over Mitchells Plain protests – De Lille

By Suné Payne 4 May 2018

Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille said the city will “within seven days” bring all the roleplayers together for a meeting to discuss the protest action in Mitchells Plain.

Speaking to the media on Friday morning at the launch of Mitchells Plain’s new municipal court, De Lille said a meeting would take place between community representatives from the Siqalo informal settlement, Mitchells Plain and the landowner of the land where the informal settlement is on.

Protests erupted in the area earlier this week after Siqalo residents protested over the lack of services in the area. By Wednesday, 30 people were arrested on charges of public violence while one person was killed when a taxi driver sped through the area.

De Lille said the city provided water and sanitation to the area, but the residents of Siqalo want electricity. But, due to the land being privately owned, there were limitations as to which services the city could provide to the area, said De Lille.

We are providing services on city-owned land in the area surrounding the privately owned land,” said De Lille.

De Lille said that the city had originally wanted to buy the land, “we can’t buy disputed land that’s before the court.”

Speaking during the launch of the municipal court, deputy minister of Justice John Jeffery said “the use of violence during their (protesters) constitutional right to protest is unacceptable.” DM


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