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While you were sleeping: 12 April

By John Stupart 12 April 2018

Trump continues threats of action against Syria, Russia, Paul Ryan calls it a day, and Mark Zuckerberg emerges unscathed from hearings.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

“Someone will always be prettier. Someone will always be smarter. Someone will always be younger. But they will never be you.”
Freddie Mercury


News that Director-General of the State Security Agency, Arthur Fraser, has attempted to thwart an investigation by the Office of the Inspector General of Intelligence should come as surprise to no-one. Behind the scenes, a great unravelling is taking place. Zuma’s pawns in Criminal Intelligence, SAPS, SARS, the NPA and the SSA are smarting from the disinfecting light of transparency and accountability. It’s not going to be pretty as powerful figures in the ruling party risk being criminally exposed. 



United States threatens action against Syria

Ongoing threats by the Trump administration to do “something” against Syria and possibly Russia in retaliation for the Douma chemical attack were continued overnight. Syrian military targets, airfields in particular, were telegraphed as sites of attack, but just how hard and with what forces Trump has promised action with remained unknown. Warning one’s enemy beforehand on attacks, however, instils confidence in neither Trump’s plan nor the personnel responsible for carrying out the attack.


Zuckerberg hearings end

Ten hours of “grilling” Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has left the social media giant and the individual largely unscathed. The biggest lesson learned over the two-day period was that America’s lawmakers truly do not understand what Facebook is, how it’s designed, and what questions to ask. The markets agreed, showing Facebook’s share price increasing by 5.7% over the two days.


Paul Ryan won’t seek re-election

US House Speaker and second in line to the presidency Paul Ryan has announced he won’t run for re-election in November. Ryan entered as Speaker in 2015 as a peacemaker and has become notorious for his about-face on pre and post-election Trump. Ryan invoked his kids as the reason for his departure, to be effective from January 2019. In effect, however, his exit will signal a clear disconnect between the conventional Republican leader and Donald Trump’s brand of chaotic politics.


Ronaldo saves Real Madrid

Real Madrid nudged out Juventus in last minute, injury-time style. Cristiano Ronaldo did what Ronaldo does best, scoring a goal to create a 3-1 loss to Juventus on the night, but a 4-3 result on aggregate will see Real enter the Champion’s League semi-finals.




The percentage of people Moscow



Today in 2017 Zuma Must Fall protests resume in South Africa. EFF chief Julius Malema addresses a massive Pretoria crowd.

John Krasinski auditioned to play the role Captain America. He said, “I’m not Captain America” after putting on the costume.



Analysis: ANC’s KZN-sized migraine







Winnie Mandela and the Arms Deal revisited



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It was the sterling work of a team of investigative journalists, Scorpio’s Pauli van Wyk and Marianne Thamm along with our great friends at amaBhungane, that caused the SARS capturers to be finally flushed out of the system. Moyane, Makwakwa… the lot of them... gone.

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The Great VBS Heist: Former ANCYL Limpopo leader’s R35.4m spending list exposed

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An accountant named Kushim was the first recorded name in history.