While you were sleeping: 5 April 2018

By John Stupart 5 April 2018

SAPS supplier holds country hostage, Facebook data breach massive, and high drama in the Champions League.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

“Working hard to please someone else, instead of yourself, never brings happiness.”
Katie Cross

On Wednesday, Keith Keating, director of Forensic Data Analysts and the man at the centre of two massive investigations into alleged procurement irregularities involving SAPS and SITA, threatened to “collapse the criminal justice system” in South Africa unless he was paid by midnight. In February Scopa ordered SITA to cancel its contracts with FDA. A week ago IPID too recommended that SAPS terminate all contracts with Keating’s company. So far no one has been able to explain how one man, a former cop, has been allowed to act as a sole supplier for these “mission critical” systems. By MARIANNE THAMM.


Facebook data breach much larger than thought

Facebook’s estimate of how many users’ info was pillaged by Cambridge Analytica is much higher. A total of 87-million users, to be precise. The social media giant’s chief Mark Zuckerberg announced that he accepted responsibility for the lax privacy controls, but insisted he was still the best person to run Facebook.

Sierra Leone’s Bio wins election

Sierre Leone’s opposition leader Julius Maada Bio has won a controversial presidential run-off election. The former soldier won 51.8% of the vote, causing incumbent Samura Kamara to vow a contestation of the result. No doubt a few strategic cabinet positions and a spot at the table would pull Kamara’s venom right out of his tail.

Schoeman nabs SA’s first gold

Triathlete Henri Schoeman has won South Africa’s first medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games this morning. Schoeman, a bronze medalist in the Rio games in 2016. With any luck, Schoeman’s example will be followed hard by his compatriots. Make sure to follow today’s South Africans in action right here .

Barca through to Champions League quarter-finals

Barcelona defeated Roma 4-1 last night but did not achieve much glory in its victory. Despite what seems to be an impressive score, the result was primarily due to Roma’s own in-game implosion. Two own goals and an almost-deliberate inability to finish on their chances handed Barcelona the win without much fuss. Liverpool, meanwhile, did just the opposite by clobbering Man City 3-0. All three goals were scored in the first 31 minutes of the game. In true Anfield style, the Man City bus was attacked and damaged by throngs of Liverpool fans before the match.




The additional number of users’ data believed to have been pillaged from Facebook by Cambridge Analytica.


Today in 1922 the American Birth Control League is formed. This would become the forerunner to Planned Parenthood, and a focal point of conservative hatred to this day.

Alcatraz reportedly had some of the best prison food in the world. The wardens ate the same food as the prisoners.




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