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While you were sleeping: 13 March 2018

By John Stupart 13 March 2018

Russian spy almost certainly poisoned by Moscow, Apple buys digital reader service, and Black Panther remains top box office performer.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.” 
Stephen Chbosky


On Friday, SARS appointed a debt collector fingered in an alleged money laundering ring linked to Chief Officer Jonas Makwakwa. New Integrated Credit Solutions is now contracted to help the struggling revenue service to collect R16.6-billion. But the Pretoria-based company was mentioned in the damning investigative report that accused Makwakwa of stuffing hundreds of thousands of rand into ATMs and living far beyond his means, compiled by the Financial Intelligence Centre. 



Russia probably behind UK attack

The United States agreed last night with Britain’s assessment that Russia was almost certainly behind the chemical attack on a former double agent. When asked whether there would be a response to Russia’s attack on the spy with such a dangerous weapon, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that there “certainly” would be.


Apple buys digital magazine service

Apple has announced its intention to purchase Texture, an online digital subscription service. Texture essentially provides an array of digital magazines for $10 a month, including Forbes and Esquire. The acquisition would fit part of Apple’s plans for widening its services and retaining profitability potential. Just don’t expect a headphone jack with your digital edition of Apple National Geographic.


Black Panther continues to dominate box office

Despite a new, fellow-Disney created release, Black Panther has remained the top-grossing film for yet another week. As A Wrinkle in Time came out, Black Panther totalled $561.7-million in its four-week run in the US. Combined with China’s viewing,the film topped over $1-billion, one of just 32 movies in history to do so. If that doesn’t get Disney’s vibranium humming, nothing will.


Refunds issued for Japan crypto exchange

A Japanese cryptocurrency exchange that had been hacked has issued refunds to its clients. Coin-check announced a $440-million refund to its 260,000 odd clients after being hacked to the cost of over $500-million. When combined with the Bitcoin hack of fellow Japanese exchange Mt.Gox, one can begin to see why the Japanese government is cracking down on the fast and loose crypto markets.



How much more likely you are to die as a taxi driver in the United States than as a policeman.



Today in 1900 British forces occupy Bloemfontein during the Second Boer War.

Black cats on ships are considered good luck.




A new era for South Africa’s foreign policy

A column by MZUKISI QOBO


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In other news...

South Africa is in a very real battle. A political fight where terms such as truth and democracy can seem more of a suggestion as opposed to a necessity.

On one side of the battle are those openly willing to undermine the sovereignty of a democratic society, completely disregarding the weight and power of the oaths declared when they took office. If their mission was to decrease society’s trust in government - mission accomplished.

And on the other side are those who believe in the ethos of a country whose constitution was once declared the most progressive in the world. The hope that truth, justice and accountability in politics, business and society is not simply fairy tale dust sprinkled in great electoral speeches; but rather a cause that needs to be intentionally acted upon every day.

However, it would be an offensive oversight not to acknowledge that right there on the front lines, alongside whistleblowers and civil society, stand the journalists. Armed with only their determination to inform society and defend the truth, caught in the crossfire of shots fired from both sides.

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