South Africa

The comic absurdity of Day Zero – (Episode 2)

By ND Mazin 4 March 2018

Cape Town’s Day Zero has been pushed back to July, but at the same time water restrictions have been intensified. What gives? Plagued by his guilty conscience, Muizenberg cartoonist N.D. MAZIN goes walkabout, searching for answers, and finding FREE WATA!

See Episode one here:

N.D. Mazin (Andy Mason) is arguably South Africa’s longest serving underground cartoonist, having evaded regular publication in a reputable periodical for close on four decades. Since his Vittoke in Azania student comics of the late ‘70s, he’s self-published countless comix and ‘zines, including PAX (Pre-Azanian Comix), Mamba Comix, Azaniamania and The Legend of Blue Mamba. He’s also written a critical history of SA cartooning, What’s So Funny? Check him out at