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While you were sleeping: 25 January 2018

By John Stupart 25 January 2018

US doctor sentenced for sexual crimes, Trump awaits his interview, and SpaceX Heavy Rocket lifts off.

“12% of employees eat because they are hungry. 88% of employees eat because it is 1 o’clock.” 
Mokokoma Mokhonoana


State Capture relies on the guise of legality to establish the infrastructure of enriching a politically connected few. And so there is a plethora of board minutes, ministerial letters or electronic communications few thought would ever see the light of day in relation to dodgy dealings at State-owned Entities (SoEs). The parliamentary inquiry into Eskom State Capture since last year has seen those in charge of governance, finances and procurement explain away such documents amid claims of amnesia and a determinedly blinkered, technisist view of responsibilities. But the paper trail remains. 



Trump lawyers in discussions with Mueller

President Donald Trump’s legal team are in discussions with Russia collusion prosecutor Robert Mueller over an impending interview. Trump himself has already stated he would “love to do it”, a statement which his legal counsel walked back very quickly. With four people under indictment already, either there’s blood in the water or Mueller is reaching far and wide, or both.


Total of 175 years for team US gymnastics doctor

Larry Nassar, the former American gymnastics doctor, has been sentenced to 40-175 years for sexual abuse of his patients. Nassar had already been sentenced to 60 years for having child pornography, effectively leaving him to rot in prison for the rest of his life. Nassar’s sentencing comes after a week of emotional testimony of an estimated 160 victims. Nassar, despite apologising publicly, also professed his innocence in a letter to the presiding judge.


LG to increase American washing machine prices

Americans wanting to buy an LG washing machine after Donald Trump’s “America First” trade tariff penalties come into effect will pay at least $50 more. The electronics mega-company announced today that it would not interrupt supply to the United States, but their products would cost more. 


SpaceX conducts successful static-fire

SpaceX successfully test-fired its Falcon Heavy rocket in a pre-launch trial. Possibly the world’s most powerful rocket, the Falcon Heavy will hopefully one day carry crew and supplies to a manned mission on Mars or the Moon, or both. The rocket’s maiden voyage, details as yet unknown, will carry one of Elon Musk’s own Tesla roadsters for an orbit around the sun.




The number of approved haircuts you can choose from in North Korea.



Today in 1949 the first Emmy Awards are held. The venue was the Hollywood Athletic Club.

By the time of his death in 1987, Hitler’s deputy Rudolph Hess was the sole prisoner in Spandau prison, a facility designed for 600.




Hashtags and new websites are not going to stave off #DayZero



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PMB: min: 18° max: 26°, rainy
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PTA: min: 16° max: 29°, rainy

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