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While you were sleeping: 24 January 2018

By John Stupart 24 January 2018

Sessions investigated, school shooting in Kentucky, and Ursula Le Guin passes away.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

“Don’t shove me into your damn pigeonhole, where I don’t fit, because I’m all over. My tentacles are coming out of the pigeonhole in all directions.”
Ursula K Le Guin


It wasn’t me. I was not obliged to do so. I did not know. There is an ever-lengthening queue of senior officials from State-owned Entities (SoEs) and government departments – throw in a few politicians like former Gauteng Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu or Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown – claiming ignorance and invoking tunnel vision of their governance duties to disavow responsibility when things go wrong and their actions come under public scrutiny. On Tuesday, Eskom’s former Chief Financial Officer Anoj Singh, who resigned on the eve of testifying before Parliament’s inquiry into State Capture, assumed a prominent position in that queue. 



Sessions questioned in Russia probe

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions was the first member of Donald Trump’s cabinet to be questioned in the probe investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election. The Justice Department confirmed that Sessions was interviewed last week, which could indicate an impending Trump interview request. Investigator Robert Mueller now has two guilty pleas, two indictments, and two co-operating witnesses.


School shooting in Kentucky kills two

A teen gunman went on a shooting spree in the Marshall County High School, killing two and injuring 19. The assailant was arrested in a “non-violent” manner and the school placed on lockdown. The motive behind the shooting was not immediately clear. 


Benghazi bombing kills 27

At least 27 people were killed in a car-bomb attack in Benghazi on Tuesday night. Another 20 were injured after the explosives-laden vehicle detonated outside a mosque in the neighbourhood of Al-Sleimani. A second car blew up in the same area, presumably in an attempt to target first-responders and good Samaritans.


Ursula Le Guin dies at 88

Legendary fantasy author Ursula K Le Guin has died aged 88. Le Guin achieved worldwide acclaim for her Earthsea series, becoming something quite like Tolkien, and yet something entirely unique. Stephen King noted with sadness her passing away, referring to Le Guin as “one of the greats”. If you haven’t heard of the Tales from Earthsea, find a library near you today.




The salary paid to Elon Musk by the state of California annually. He never cashes it.



Today in 1908 the first Boy Scout Troop is founded by Robert Baden-Powell.

The fur of a Chinchilla is so thick it will suffocate fleas.





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Business Maverick

The R161-million SMS: FSCA slaps world’s second-largest fine on Jooste for Steinhoff insider trading

By Sasha Planting