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While you were sleeping: 7 December 2017

By John Stupart 7 December 2017

Bitcoin surges past new milestone, Hamas promises "hell" for US interests in Middle East, and driverless cars offer rides in Boston.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” 
George Eliot


With MultiChoice accused of having essentially “bought” government policy over digital encryption to benefit its business, calls for investigations are heaping up both locally and internationally. In addition to a potential class action lawsuit against the company being mooted by a US firm, the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission has also been asked to launch an inquiry into Naspers. Comparisons between Naspers and the Gupta-owned company Oakbay, meanwhile, are inevitable. 



Bitcoin surges past $14,000

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency grandaddy, has moved past $14,000 overnight. Used to buy everything from ice cream to AK47s, Bitcoin’s growth appeared to be driven by the grudging acceptance of the old traditional investor community. Bubble or not, the cryptocurrency has indeed made waves in the past year.


Hamas warns Trump over Jerusalem statement

Hamas has warned that President Donald Trump’s acceptance of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would “open the gates of hell” on US interests in the region. With any prospect of a two-state solution hingeing on the sharing of Jerusalem, Trump’s wrecking ball attitude to the regional politics appeared to draw global condemnation from everyone but Israel. A third intifada, it seems, may well be brewing.


Rights to carry concealed guns eased up in US

Gun owners in the United States will soon be able to carry concealed firearms across state lines. The bill, voted on by the majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives, will still need Senate approval, but could strip away gun control efforts in the United States. It’s almost as if there’s no plan in Washington DC.


Lyft launches driverless cars in Boston

Uber arch-rival Lyft has launched a driverless car service for customers in Boston. Partnering with nuTonomy, the autonomous vehicles began providing lifts for customers as of Wednesday. The advent of self-driving services by Lyft is to be swiftly followed by Alphabet, BMW, Ford, and virtually anyone in the automobile business at this point.




The amount held in Zimbabwe’s national public account in 2013.



Today is International Civil Aviation Day. If your flight is delayed, there is doubtless very little to be “civil” about at all.

The FBI used to keep files on Elvis Presley. They believed he raised the sexual passions of teens, thereby posing a risk to the United States.





Our long walk to freedom must continue



South African architecture precludes jobs

A column by JAMES SPEIRS


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