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While you were sleeping: 4 December 2017

By John Stupart 4 December 2017

Trump set for Jerusalem announcement, Facebook opens London office, and Woods back in the golfing world.

“The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.”
Mark Twain


Most other provinces took three hours to get through their meetings, but in Gauteng the ANC took three days to conduct its provincial general council, where it nominated Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa for president – and also discussed policy proposals. Here, the spectre of 2019 looms large. 



Trump set for big Jerusalem adventure

President Donald Trump may take a break from denying his Russian ties this week to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The move would plunge the region into another period of political turmoil, sparking speculative fears of another possible intifada. The mouth of Sauron himself, Jared Kushner, remained vague on the subject, assuring the world that Trump would make a decision soon.


Facebook London to open today

Facebook will open its new hub in London today, creating an 800-job engineering mind-hive near Oxford Street. The establishment of the seven-floor office is a stark contrast to Brexit worry-warts afraid of new business in Britain. Britain’s Finance Minister agreed, arguing that it showed that the country was “the best place” for new businesses.


May in Brussels for Brexit sprouts

Speaking of hopeless optimism, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May will be in Brussels today to attempt to finalise a Brexit divorce terms deal. May will meet with European Commission Chief Jean-Claude Juncker, hoping to close months of negotiations with a decisive deal. EU officials have commented on the meeting, saying that the deadline is “difficult but doable” in terms of finding an agreement everyone can live with.


Tiger Woods makes solid return to pro golf

Tiger Woods finished his Hero Challenge in the Bahamas with a four-under 68 on Sunday. Although losing to Rickie Fowler, who managed a course-record of 61, Woods did nab an eagle and six birdies over 72 holes. Woods ultimately wound up ninth, but is by no means entirely out of the contention.




The number of days the world’s first heart transplant survivor lived after their operation.



Today is National Cookie Day in the United States. If South Africa doesn’t have this holiday, it damn well should.

All allied pilots shot down in World War II who lost their Rolex watches had them replaced by Rolex, free of charge.






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