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While you were sleeping: 21 November 2017

Major US media merger blocked by government, Argentine submarine still missing, and blue whales mostly right-handed.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

“Censorship of anything, at any time, in any place, on whatever pretence, has always been and always will be the last resort of the boob and the bigot.” 
Eugene O’Neill


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Jonas Makwakwa’s disciplinary process seems so tailored that it borders on the realm of being cooked. Tom Moyane tried his utmost to keep the facts and the prolonged process secret and in the end attempted to mislead the public into thinking his second-in-command has been cleared of fraud and money laundering allegations. Scorpio can now reveal that the opposite is true, show how the tailoring was done and explain how Moyane was aided and abetted by the international law firm Hogan Lovells. 



US blocks major merger

A proposed $85-billion merger between AT&T and Time Warner has been blocked by the US government. The Justice Department argued that the melding of major cable television networks such as HBO and CNN with an online and paid television company was a recipe for consumer disaster. AT&T announced that it would be legally challenging the ruling. Reports have indicated that the government may approve the deal if Trump-critical CNN is divested as a by-product. 


Trump declares North Korea a terror sponsor

President Donald Trump defined North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism on Monday, sharply contrasting with Rex Tillerson’s statements indicating a willingness for diplomacy. In reaction, North Korean newspapers called Trump a “mentally deranged money-grabber”. In a rare case of international relations, both Trump and Pyongyang may be correct in their assertions.


Argentine submarine reported mechanical problems

While Zimbabweans are busy overthrowing their president, Argentina has been frantically searching for a submarine that went missing six days ago. New information revealed by Argentinian navy sources is that the sub surfaced and issued a warning that it had suffered a mechanical breakdown. No further message has been received. Brazil, Britain, Chile, the United States and Uruguay have all joined Argentina in the search for the missing sub and its 44 crew.


World’s whales are right-handed

Whale I’ll be damned! Scientists have established that blue whales, the world’s largest animals, are largely right-handed. This truly ground-breaking research was established by researchers in a report in the journal Current Biology. On certain occasions, however, the whales will favour a left-dominant approach when feeding on krill in shallow water. This is the first time such behaviour has been observed in animals.




The percentage increase in women’s archery directly following the release of The Hunger Games and Brave.



Today is World Television Day.

Tigers cannot purr.






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