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While you were sleeping: 9 November 2017

By John Stupart 9 November 2017

Trump and Xi hold tense talks, UK minister resigns over Israeli meeting, and night injuries heal much slower.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

“Ideas which have conquered our intelligence and our minds, ideas that reason has forged in our conscience, are chains from which we cannot tear ourselves away without breaking our hearts.”
Karl Marx


What happens when spooks are fingered breaking the rules and the law? Very little it seems, if the Principal Agent Network programme by the National Intelligence Agency, is anything to go by. That project by the forerunner of the State Security Agency spectacularly, again, emerged in Jacques Pauw’s book The President’s Keepers. For eight years there’ve been official investigations, including an internal SSA finding that there was sufficient evidence to criminally charge top spies, but the smoke and mirrors saga plays on. 


Xi and Trump hold tense talks

The least popular president in the United States met the most popular Chinese leader since Mao today. The focus of Thursday’s talks: trade and North Korea. After blaming China for many of America’s trade issues while on campaign, President Donald Trump will now have to walk back his statements and discuss some manner of trade surplus reduction in Beijing, but did at least manage to use Twitter inside the great firewall, where social media is tightly restricted.


UK minister quits over Israel meetings

The United Kingdom’s aid minister Priti Patel has resigned after admitting to holding unofficial, private meetings with Israeli officials. Patel had talks with Israeli officials over the diverting of aid to the Israeli army while on a family holiday in Israel in August. The level of cheek is amateurish compared to South Africa’s rollercoaster kleptocracy but falls far short of what Patel termed “the high standards that are expected”.


Weinstein lawyers up

Hutt-in-training and rape-accused Harvey Weinstein has hired the services of one of New York’s most prominent criminal defence attorneys. Believing his arrest on rape charges to be imminent, Weinstein has hired Benjamin Brafman, a lawyer made famous for getting Sean Combs off weapons charges and IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn off prison time for sexual assault.


Night-time injuries heal slower

Researchers have discovered that injuries occurring at night tended to heal slower than those suffered in the daytime. The report, published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, established that the body’s internal clock regulates the pace of healing according to the time of day. Cuts and burns appeared to heal 60% faster if the injury happened in daylight. Evolutionary traits encouraging daytime healing are possibly the reason behind all this.




The number of kids who protested a price hike of a chocolate bar brand in British Columbia. It shut down the local government for a day.



Today is World Freedom Day. This is only observed in the United States.

Beaver’s teeth are orange. This is due to large iron quantities in their pearly… oranges.





The Securocrat State is here



Tax Morality starts with Tax Spending



President Zuma and the ANC deployment disaster



Abandoned children: Lost or found(ling), what’s in a name?



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