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While you were sleeping: 27 October 2017

Trump pulls back on full JFK release, Kenya's bloody election aftermath toll, and heart surgery best for the afternoon.

TGIF, 27 October 2017

“There is no magic cure, no making it all go away forever. There are only small steps upward; an easier day, an unexpected laugh, a mirror that doesn’t matter anymore.” 
Laurie Halse Anderson


The Auditor-General has given tax boss Tom Moyane an ultimatum: Declare controversial bonus payments to your executive committee as irregular expenditure or SARS gets slapped with a qualified audit opinion. The bonuses Moyane unilaterally increased and signed off on around August 2016 are possible irregular expenditure and, if so, should cost him his job as head of the South African Revenue Service. To find a way around this dilemma, Moyane first attempted to interdict the Auditor-General from signing the adverse audit opinion. On Thursday Scorpio was informed that Moyane made a surprise 180-degree turn and opted to settle. Here is what we know so far. By Pauli van Wyk for SCORPIO.


Trump backs away from full JFK release

The CIA and FBI have applied some serious pressure on President Donald Trump to restrict the release of confidential information on JFK’s assassination. As a result, Trump released just a portion of the secret files online. He said that he had “no choice” but to withhold some files due to security concerns by the CIA and FBI. The tinfoil hat brigade will no doubt see this as evidence of Illuminati-run alien conspiracies proven true.


Kenyan election leaves a country divided

By the time Kenya’s controversial second election ended on Thursday evening, four people had been killed and scores wounded. The second presidential election has been boycotted by opposition leader Raila Odinga, with supporters taking to the streets to vent their frustrations. Whatever the tally may be, expect massive legal challenges to emerge almost immediately.


Twitter bans RT, Sputnik from ads

Twitter announced on Thursday that it would be barring Russian news agencies RT and Sputnik from advertising on Twitter in any way, shape or form. The ban was a direct result of US intelligence findings that the two organisations had intentionally placed misleading information in ads on Twitter. The Russian foreign ministry vowed “retaliation” against Twitter. When the state defends the media, there’s a pretty strong whiff of collusion hanging in the air.


Afternoon best time for heart surgery

The risk of complications after open heart surgery is almost twice as high in the morning as opposed to the afternoon. Researchers found that our biological clock, rather than tired surgeons, was primarily to blame. Leading author David Montaigne stated that: “The time of day — that is, the biological clock or circadian rhythm — influences the patient’s reaction to this kind of operation.” 




The percentage of academic papers that are ever read by anyone beyond their authors, peer reviewers and editors.



Today in 1922 Zimbabwe/then-Rhodesia rejected a proposed annexation by South Africa.

Your SIM card is a legitimate self-contained computer. It has a 30MHz CPU, 64kb of RAM and a tiny amount of storage space. It won’t run the latest FIFA if that’s what you’re hoping.





The Other News Round-Up: Talking about the Weather



BFN: min: 7° max 23°, cloudy
CPT: min: 9° max: 19°,  cloudy
DBN: min: 12° max: 18°, rainy
EL: min: 11° max: 17°, rainy
JHB: min: 5° max: 24°, heavy rain
KIM: min: 9° max: 24°, sunny
NLP: min: 10° max: 16°, rainy
MHK: min: 12° max: 32°, sunny
PMB: min: 7° max: 16°, rainy
PE: min: 8° max: 17°, cloudy
PTA: min: 8° max: 28°, rainy

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JSE All Share=58,576.29
FTSE 100=7,486.50


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