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While you were sleeping: 25 October 2017

South Africa

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While you were sleeping: 25 October 2017

McKinsey's heedless path into Eskom's underbelly revealed, Trump blasted by senator, and China to unveil new leadership.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

“We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings.”
Ursula Le Guin




Scorpio: The McKinsey Dossier, Part 6 – Five strikes and you’re IN

By Pauli van Wyk for SCORPIO with AMABHUNGANE

Eskom ignored five legal opinions, some from within its own ranks, warning the power utility that its contentious “at risk” consulting contract with McKinsey was probably illegal. So nervous about the contract was McKinsey that its own in-house lawyer concluded Eskom would have to be “brave” in order to sign, newly leaked McKinsey documents show. Eskom should have been in no doubt that its proposed multi-billion rand contract was on shaky ground. They signed it anyway. 


Clinton paid for Trump-Russia dossier

A new report by the Washington Post has revealed that Hillary Clinton paid in part for a scandalous dossier on President Donald Trump’s alleged campaign ties to Russia. In 2016 a lawyer working for the Clinton campaign paid for said services from a Washington company, Fusion GPS. Fusion’s investigations had until that point been primarily funded by a rival Republican who as yet remains anonymous.


Senator quits Congress in Trumplosive style

Not to be outdone by his former rival, President Trump faced major opposition in Congress on Wednesday as another senator called it quits while railing against him. Senator Jeff Flake delivered a 17-minute speech warning of a “reckless presidency”. Announcing his resignation, Flake stated that he “will not be complicit or silent”.


China to showcase new leadership

China’s Communist Party is set to reveal a new ruling council. President Xi Jinping will naturally remain chief for another five-year term. Jinping has had his named engraved in the country’s Constitution, the only such leader to have the honour aside from Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. Jinping, in other words, isn’t going anywhere. Just 10 women have been elected to the Central Committee, out of 204.


Trump donor-firm gets massive Puerto Rico contract

A major donor company to the Trump campaign has received a $300-million contract to restore power in Puerto Rico. Whitefish Energy Holdings, a tiny Montana company, won the contract and promptly drew defensive statements from Puerto Rico and Whitefish itself, with the latter effectively the only company that actually met the contract’s requirements.




The percentage of calories humans get from plants domesticated between 9,500-3,500BC.



Today is Katy Perry’s birthday. Ms Perry is 33 years old.

There are no McDonald’s in Ghana.





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