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While you were sleeping: 18 October 2017

While you were sleeping: 18 October 2017

Harvey Weinstein leaves board, Booker Prize winner revealed, and Catalans rally around arrests.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”
Arthur Schopenhauer




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In one fell swoop President Jacob Zuma rid himself of a political critic and appointed a close ally to a key portfolio in Tuesday’s Cabinet reshuffle. From across the political spectrum, organised labour and business, came sharp criticism that this latest change, some seven months after the previous reshuffle, in no way contributed to better governance in these troubled economic times dominated by State Capture. But there’s a crucial ANC national elective conference in less than 60 days and Zuma, a shrewd political operator, is playing the long game. And he’s proven in the past that he doesn’t care about anyone else. 


Weinstein resigns from board, allegations avalanche

Disgraced Hollywood producer and general sleazebag Harvey Weinstein gave up his seat on the board of his production company on Tuesday. Although he had been fired from The Weinstein Company as co-chairman, Weinstein had continued to hold his seat on the board. The resignation comes as more stars continue to open up and reveal the predations of Harvey Weinstein and of sexual assault in general.


George Saunders wins Booker Prize

The author of “Lincoln in the Bardo” has won the Man Booker prize. George Saunders collected his £50,000 prize from the Duchess of Cornwall.The panel took five hours to decide from the illustrious short-listed group, ultimately opting to give the award to Saunders. Originally closed to Americans, the Booker Prize opened up to non-British authors in 2014. 


Catalans rally in outrage against leaders’ arrests

The arrest of two Catalan separatist leaders has sparked large-scale protests. Tens of thousands took to the streets of Barcelona on Tuesday after the court orders to have leaders Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sanchez kept behind bars were issued. Barcelona Police recorded a figure of around 200,000 protesters.


Smithsonian to create hip-hop archive

The Smithsonian federal museum complex announced on Tuesday that it would be creating the single most comprehensive anthology of hip-hop records. Launching a Kickstarter to fund the project, the institute seeks to produce a nine-CD, 120 track anthology that comes with a 300-page book. Something for grandpa’s Christmas stocking, perhaps…



Today in 1963 Félicette, a Parisian stray cat, became the first feline launched into space. Félicette returned safely to Earth thereafter.

Harrison Ford suffers from a fear of public speaking.





Beware the last kicks of a dying horse



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