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While you were sleeping: Tuesday 3 October 2017

By John Stupart 3 October 2017

Gun control calls emerge in Vegas shooting wake, minor arsenal found in shooter's house, and Tom Petty hospitalised

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

“I put it down on paper again in the summer of this year: Berlin will live, and the Wall will come down.”
Willy Brandt

Elections aftermath: Why did the ANC ignore its own research?

While KPMG SA might have withdrawn the findings and conclusions of a controversial “forensic” report into an alleged covert unit in SARS as well as offered to reimburse the R23-million it was paid to do the work, the saga is far from resolved. Now the man at the centre of the storm, former KPMG auditor Johan van der Walt, has spoken out and announced that he stands by the factual findings and also that rigorous oversight was performed and documented at every stage, contrary to KPMG SA’s claim. Van der Walt has also welcomed the announcement of an independent inquiry. KPMG SA too says it stands by the findings. But why then pay back the money? We try to make sense of it all. 


Gun control debate resurfaces after Vegas

Another US shooting and another inevitable political bunfight over gun control. With scores killed and hundreds wounded in the Las Vegas shooting, gun control advocates criticised President Donsld Trump for failing to mention the topic during his address. It’s possible that the $30-million donated to the Trump campaign in 2016 by the National Rifle Association may have helped, but expect your news week to be swamped with coverage worldwide on American gun control regardless.


Assault rifles and explosives found in killer’s home

Authorities found 16 guns in Stephen Paddock’s Mandalay Bay Hotel room, as well as an additional 18 in his home north-east of Las Vegas. In addition, explosives and many rounds of ammunition were found. Although Islamic State has claimed Paddock as one of their “soldiers”, the FBI is adamant that no tangible link between the killer and the terrorist organisation has been established yet.


Goldman Sachs to consider Bitcoin trading

Goldman Sachs has announced its consideration for offering a Bitcoin trading service. The announcement came after increasing client demand for Bitcoin options. Despite its highly speculative nature, the cryptocurrency did manage to breach $5,000 per coin. The grey hairs in other banks, meanwhile, are hurriedly assembling their finest millennials to explain to them what a Bitcoin even is.


Reports of Tom Petty hospitalised

Media sources in the United States have quoted local police in claiming that Tom Petty has suffered a heart attack and has been hospitalised. Initial rumour mills, including Rolling Stone magazine, had initially claimed that Petty had died, but one of his daughters, Annakim Violette Petty, flatly denied this. Regardless, it does appear as though Petty’s recent anniversary tour may be the last one for a good while.




The number of hot dogs sold outside Costco each year. This is roughly four times as many hot dogs sold as at Major League Baseball games.



Today in 1993 The Battle of Mogadishu began. By its end a day later, the infamous Blackhawk Down incident had been engraved in history.

One of the largest carp ever caught on record was done so using the ashes of the fisherman’s deceased friend.





Let’s put Coca-Cola in charge of water

A column by IVO VEGTER


To neglect elderly people is to neglect our heritage



Are Saudi reforms doomed to fail?



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Leaked Treasury letter shows government rifts over NHI

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Game publisher Electronic Arts has been voted "The Worst Company in America" two years in a row 2012 and 2013.