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While you were sleeping: 11 September 2017

By John Stupart 11 September 2017

Hurricane Irma downgraded, sanctions debated for North Korea, and British air pollution out of control.

Monday, 11 September 2017

“Go down this set of stairs and then just run, run as fast as you can.”
Lt David Brink, 9/11


Political elites and security services have captured the companies mining Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields and siphoned off billions, even as the government blames private companies for crucial data gaps in its accounts, a report released on Monday alleges. KRISTEN VAN SCHIE reports.


Irma peters out after US landfall

Hurricane Irma has been downgraded to Category 2 after wreaking havoc on mainland US and the Caribbean. In St Martin and St Barts, six of every 10 homes are damaged or destroyed, with Barbuda described as “barely habitable”. West coast Florida residents have been warned to avoid the seaside as well, with warnings of swells up to 15ft.


Anderson clobbered in US Open final

Rafael Nadal put an end to Kevin Anderson’s fairy tale final on Sunday night. A woefully one-sided match saw Nadal defeat Anderson 6-3, 6-3, 6-4, with the former never once facing a break point. Anderson’s historic achievement at the US Open, however, will remain an incredible feat, not just for his career but in terms of inspiring future South African tennis champions.


Draft of sanctions on North Korea presented

On Sunday a revised UN draft resolution was circulated among the Security Council. Detailed in it were proposed sanctions to be placed on an increasingly bellicose North Korea. A “progressive” oil embargo appeared to be the focus of the sanctions, but ultimately represented a significantly less aggressive draft than initially proposed.


UN slams UK air pollution

Apparently, the UN had a busy weekend. On Sunday the international organisation took a break from punishing North Korea to criticise the United Kingdom for failing to address its ongoing air pollution problem. With over 40,000 deaths in the UK linked to air pollution, the UN slammed British government “inaction” over improving the country’s air quality.




The percentage of Switzerland’s population that can be accommodated in a nuclear shelter.



Today in 2001 al-Qaeda launched a series of aircraft hijackings that ultimately saw 2,997 people killed in a single day.

The Boston Tea Party was commonly known as “the destruction of the tea” until the 19th-century advent of actual tea parties.






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Victim, villain or pawn: Why Eskom ‘whistle-blower’ Suzanne Daniels was fired

By Jessica Bezuidenhout