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While you were sleeping: 31 July 2017

By John Stupart 31 July 2017

Putin lays down the gauntlet, Australia foils a terror plot, and Despacito tourism surges.

Monday, 31 July 2017

“Last century’s magic is this year’s science.” 
Cherie Priest



#Guptaleaks | Ep 3: All the President’s (Wo)men

By Daily Maverick

The third episode of the #Guptaleaks looks at the individuals close to South African President Jacob Zuma who were influenced, financially or otherwise, by his shadowy backers, the Guptas.


Putin demands massive US diplomatic cuts

In response to renewed sanctions by the United States, Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded 755 American diplomatic staff be cut from Russian missions. This would bring the American staff size to the same as Russia has in the US. President Donald Trump, facing a signing off of sanctions or the wielding of his veto, is stuck between a rock and diplomatic hard place.


Australian plane terror plot foiled

Counter-terror raids across Sydney resulted in two fathers and their sons being arrested for a possible plan to bring down an aircraft. The four allegedly plotted to bring a device disguised as a meat mincer on board, which would then either detonate or emit a toxic gas. Either way, the arrests are a major success for Australian police. Definitely a barbeque on the horizon for the police department.


Ten killed in Venezuela riots

Ten protesters died on Sunday while protesting against Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro’s attempt to disintegrate the country’s constitution. Polling stations holding a vote on the new constitutional assembly were attacked by protesters, and barricades erected in streets. The action elicited a violent response from police, with live ammunition being used.


Despacito slum soars into limelight

The barrio made famous for being the film location for the hit song “Despacito” has experienced a massive surge in tourism. Hordes of tourists seeking Despacito film sites in the La Perla settlement has helped create an economic tourism flash point. Although no figures are yet available to indicate how big the surge is, hotel occupancy nearby has risen 6% from 2016.




The percentage of all internet traffic that is human.



Today in 1970 was Black Tot Day. It was the final day of rum rationing in the British Navy.

A honey bee has as many hairs as a squirrel.





Cracks in the edifice widen

A column by BRIJ MAHARAJ


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Corruption, Inc

Thulas Nxesi: State Capture forces resist the clean up at Public Works

By Marianne Merten


Inequality in South Africa: Beyond the 1%

Fazila Farouk and Murray Leibbrandt 13 hours ago

Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children is the title of a dark cabaret album by 'Voltaire'