Swedish entrepreneur trademarks Trump’s cryptic ‘covfefe’

By AFP 2 June 2017

US President Donald Trump created the mysterious word "covfefe", but a Swedish entrepeneur now owns one of the most tweeted terms on social media. 

Per Holknekt, a 57-year-old fashion designer and entrepeneur said Thursday that he had trademarked “covfefe“, giving him exclusive commercial rights to the term across Europe. 

“It’s the newest and the most used word in the world… I’m surprised no one thought about trademarking it,” Holknekt told AFP. 

Any company that now wants to use “covfefe” commercially will have to ask Holknekt for permission. 

It cost him only 3,600 Swedish kronor (370 euros, $415) to register the name with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office in Stockholm. 

It will take eight weeks for the application to be stamped and finalised, Holknekt said.  

Just after midnight on Tuesday, Trump tweeted the word in an incomplete sentence: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe“.

The tweet remained online for over five hours, unleashing a flood of humour and ridicule on the internet, while also appearing to highlight the struggles of Trump’s communications team to control White House messaging.

“It’s easy to understand that (Trump) meant to say ‘coverage’ but it turned into a funny incident that I can capitalise on,” said Holknekt, who has trademarked 32 brands throughout his career. 

He said he trademarked the term to cover confectionery, advertisements, communication and coffee. 

“But it doesn’t sound like a delicious coffee,” Holknekt said with a chuckle. 

“I hope Donald Trump finds out about this.” DM


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