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While you were sleeping: TGIF 21 April

By John Stupart 21 April 2017

Terror attack hits Paris, US mulls Assange arrest, and world to march for science.

TGIF, 21 April 2017

“In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught.”
Baba Dioum


Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa appears to be finally dipping his toe in the presidential campaign pool, suggesting – albeit gingerly – what the priorities of a post-Zuma government might be. “We will not compromise on our fight against corruption, patronage or rent-seeking. We will also not allow the institutions of our state to be captured by anyone – be they individuals, be they families who are intent on narrow self-enrichment.” Everyone knows which family he means – dislodging the Gupta’s grip on the state would be essential to undoing the damage of the Zuma administration. But to get to that point, Ramaphosa needs to get into the game. That means dispensing with coded language and diplomacy, and taking the fight to the ANC.


Terror suspect in Champs-Elysees shoot-out

A known terror suspect was shot dead in a shooting on Paris’s Champs-Elysees, but killed one and injured two others. The 39-year-old suspect opened fire on a police van, killing one officer before attacking other policemen nearby. Locals and tourists alike scattered as shots rang out.


US mulls Assange arrest

The United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated on Thursday that the arrest of WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange is a “priority”. Holed up in the Ecuadoran embassy since 2012, Assange and his organisation recently released a large collection of information on the methods of CIA digital surveillance. Regardless, Ecuador’s diplomatic waltz with Assange could get a little faster in beat.


World march for science to go ahead

A global march for science is scheduled to go ahead tomorrow, Saturday. Organisers insist the march, which will promote the role of scientific research informing and guiding national policy, is not about a specific wide-bodied presidential cheese twirl, but is aimed at any president, government or leader who seeks to stifle research and science through travel and funding restrictions.


Queen turns 91

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth turns 91 today. The world’s longest-reigning monarch will oversee the usual gun salutes at London Tower Bridge and Hyde Park, but will experience a generally quieter celebration this year. At 91, it’s likely the Queen shall take her pre-lunch gin cocktail, pet the corgis, and retire to bed at sunset.




The percentage of Korean men who have lost their virginity to prostitutes.



Today in 1918 the Red Baron is shot down and killed.

Gingers have a resistance to electrical pain, but a lower threshold for thermal pain. This is due to a mutation of their melanocortin 1 receptor.




Business leadership SA finally wakes up



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