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GroundUp: In photos – Xenophobic Violence in Pretoria

South Africa

South Africa

GroundUp: In photos – Xenophobic Violence in Pretoria

Against the backdrop of an anti-immigrant march in Pretoria, Ihsaan Haffejee photographed a clash between protesters and Somali immigrants in the west of the city on Friday. By GROUNDUP

Photo: A group of anti-immigrant protesters trying to displace immigrants were confronted by police as they attempted to enter a predominantly Somali neighbourhood in Pretoria West. Police separated the groups and released stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowds.

Photo: This is the anti-immigrant group. They were apparently on their way to a widely advertised anti-immigrant march in Pretoria.

Photo: The residents were however well organised …

Photo: … and determined to stand their ground.

Photo:A large police contingent was present.

Photo: Here the police demanded that the immigrant group sit down and disarm.

Photo: Police released stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowds.

Photo: A member of the anti-immigrant group lies injured.

Photo: A man from the immigrant neighbourhood tries to calm the situation as police fired teargas.

Photo: Police searched a resident of the Somali neighbourhood.

Photo: Immigrants locked themselves in a home as the violence spread

Photo: This man was attacked for unclear reasons. He was saved by a leader in the Somali community who intervened.

Photo: Some residents attended prayer as the violence escalated outside.

Photo: After the anti-immigrant march, police isolated a group of protesters that was trying to enter Sunnyside. The group claimed that Nigerians dominate that area of Pretoria.

Photo: Police arrested the entire group.

Photo: Police found drugs on one of the group members.

Photo: The hand of a man arrested by police.

Main photo: Residents of a Somali neighbourhood in Pretoria West armed themselves with stones and bricks as a group protesting their presence approached them.


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