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#SONA2017 in Pictures: The night we saw the true state of the nation

By Leila Dougan 10 February 2017

Something broke in Parliament on Thursday night. LEILA DOUGAN captured some of the build-up with her camera.

ANC supporters, mostly school pupils, are pushed back by law enforcement before the start of the State of the Nation Address. Picture by Leila Dee Dougan.

There was a heavy police presence throughout the city during the day. Picture by Leila Dee Dougan.

ANC supporters boo Malema on the Parade. Picture by Leila Dee Dougan.

A confrontation between an EFF supporter and ANC supporters on the Grand Parade. Picture by Leila Dee Dougan.

EFF supporters burn an ANC shirt. Picture by Leila Dee Dougan.

Police talk to ANC supporters, school pupils and members of the Congress of South African Students to usher them back to the Grand Parade. Picture by Leila Dee Dougan. DM

Main photo: The Police presence was intensified at the Grand Parade in Cape Town after ANC supporters ran towards Parliament following the EFF being kicked out. Police used stun grenades and supporters returned to the parade. Photo by Leila Dee Dougan/ Daily Maverick


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