Special feature: Beyond the Boundary – state of transformation in South African cricket

It is hard to disagree that South African sport has failed to transform at the top level, but  cricket’s political association in South Africa stretches way further back than apartheid. Daily Maverick’s ANTOINETTE MULLER and Chronicle’s LEILA DEE DOUGAN visited the heartlands of black cricket in South Africa to explore why cricket and politics will always be bedfellows; the work being done by CSA at grassroots, and how high performance and transformation go hand in hand.

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Transformation has always been a hot topic in South African sport. In April it culminated in a decision by Sports and Recreation Minister Fikile Mbalula to ban four South African sporting bodies, including Cricket South Africa (CSA), from bidding for or hosting major sporting events.

Today the sport’s numbers — in the national team at least — paint a grim picture. That in 20 years there has been just one regular black African Test cricketer is cringeworthy. But is this down to lack of will, a lack of effort or simply because cricket’s very core is inherently elitist, making it very difficult for those from a disadvantaged background to climb up its ranks? And, if it is so exclusive, what is being done to break down those barriers?

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