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26 April 2017 06:15 (South Africa)
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Zuma should turn down salary increase - DA

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Cape Town – President Jacob Zuma should turn down his salary increase because he does not deserve it, the Democratic Alliance said on Friday.The president will now earn R2 874 851 a year, following approval by Parliament on Thursday.

This means Zuma will now earn R7 876 a day.

The DA’s Sej Motau said the increase came at a time when the country was fighting a downgrade to "junk status".

"Junk performance should not be rewarded with increased remuneration," he said.

He blamed the ANC for voting in favour of the motion, saying this proved they did not put South Africans first.

Debating the salary increase in Parliament on Thursday, parties - including the DA, EFF and Cope - objected to the increase.

But other political parties said those who objected were hypocrites, as MPs had accepted 4.5% increases as well.

The ANC on Thursday said none of the MPs who objected to the increase had opted for lower or no salary increases.

"The cheap posturing and hypocrisy by certain opposition MPs who voted against the increase for the President, whilst they happily pocketed the salary increases he approved recently, is shameful," the party said in a statement.

Cope said on Thursday that both MPs and the president should not have received an increase.

172 MPs voted in favour of the increase, while 81 voted against, and two abstentions were recorded on Thursday.


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