South Africa

In photos: EFF protest goes haywire

By Greg Nicolson 23 July 2014

After EFF MPLs were forcibly evicted from the Gauteng Legislature earlier this month for wearing their trademark red overalls, party leader Julius Malema led a protest on Tuesday to speak with Speaker Ntombi Mekgwe. EFF supporters stormed the building and refused to leave. The streets of Johannesburg then saw chaotic images of running skirmishes between the police and protesters. GREG NICOLSON brings you the pictures.


Photo: Protesters burn an ANC t-shirt with President Zuma’s face on it.


Photo: A protester carries a mock gun wrapped in police tape.


Photo: Protesters marched around the legislator, regularly stopping traffic. This protester swings from the back of a truck.


Photo: EFF members who had rushed the legislator earlier in the day later stampeded out. During the chaos of their exit, the real mayhem started. After police set off stun grenades at the entrance, protesters retaliated. Here, a protester uses a fire extinguisher as another Fighter exists the building.


Photo: Protesters launch rocks at the legislature entrance where police have been trying to keep them back.


Photo: Clearing the protesters away, police shoot rubber bullets at protesters.


Photo: The entrance to the legislature after the chaos.


Photo: A man walking through the street skirmish between police and EFF protesters raises his hands.


Photo: Police put out a fire and push one of their mobile police units upright. Minutes earlier, the protesters pushed it over.


Photo: Police pursue the EFF protesters through the streets of downtown Johannesburg.


Photo: Running away, the protesters littered the streets with rubbish from street bins.


Photo: After some discussion of whether there are were too many civilians in Park Station or not, police decided to pursue the protesters into the commuting hub. They caught an EFF supporter, made him remove his shirt and got him to point out the others.


Photo: Police march an EFF protester.


Photo: Police pursued the protesters to Wanderers taxi rank, ready to shoot rubber bullets at any moment. Eventually, most protesters walked back to Braamfontein where there were busses waiting.

Main photo: Protesters break the windows of the door to the legislature using a stand for the speakers, which were earlier playing music.

All photos: Greg Nicolson / Daily Maverick



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