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Letter to the Editor: Pieter-Dirk Uys

By Pieter-Dirk Uys 23 April 2014

Where were these voices of dissent against the ANC when they were really needed, when they could still make a big difference a few years ago? A letter to the editor from PIETER-DIRK UYS.

What a pity senior members of the ANC only seem to discover their alternative voices when they have left the Olympus of Power. Manuel, Motlanthe, Jordan, Naidoo, Madlala-Routledge, Asmal and Kasrils: where were their voices when Thabo Mbeki unleashed his denialist tsunami against the proven fact that HIV led to Aids that cost at least 380,000 people their lives? Where were their recent voices of protest from within when their opinions mattered and could have made a difference?

To now suggest a spoilt ballot in the 7 May general election as a ‘tough love’ protest against ANC corruption and ineptitude is pointless. During the last election there were nearly 300,000 spoilt papers which had no effect on the outcome, other than to indicate that nearly 300,000 voters had left their glasses at home! A spoilt paper is to turn a precious ballot into a piece of political toilet paper. It gets flushed away to a place where no politicians need care to show concern.

By all means use the ballot as a creative, angry statement against corrupt, inept and careless government. Find a uncontroversial small party in the necklace of choices. For example, The Keep It Straight and Simple Party (KISS) has bravely contested three general elections without the easy solution of going into a coalition with a bigger party for a fee. Its eccentric manifesto might be a little off the wall, and yet up to 5,000 voters supported Clare Emary’s point of view. Shouldn’t the Spoilt Paper Revolt be more of a creative statement if that vote went, not down the drain, but to put a relatively sensible, democratic and honest voice in Parliament? If KISS then produced 250,998 votes of support, surely Luthuli House and the nation will have to take note? DM

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