South Africa

In photos: ANC’s a-waitin’

By Greg Nicolson 4 February 2014

The Democratic Alliance’s march to Luthuli House on Tuesday was postponed, but the ANC brought its members out anyway. There was talk of a national executive committee “blitz” on the Joburg CBD streets. That didn’t happen. Not much, in fact, did. GREG NICOLSON was there, waiting with the ANC for the DA.

An ANC member marches back to the buses after a quiet day in Johannesburg.

Yellow on blue. ANC supporters had gathered outside the party’s headquarters to meet the DA on its march to Luthuli House.

ANC Gauteng Secretary David Makhura MC’d the event and was one of the many speakers calling on members to defend the ANC.

ANC members threaten the DA, which plans to march on Luthuli House next Wednesday.

Many of the ANC members gathered on Tuesday thought the DA would be coming. Some were spoiling for a fight.

The ANC decided to continue with their response event, despite the DA march being postponed. Not much, however, happened.

Many of the ANC members present were elderly, but there were more than enough young bodies to participate in a fight, should one come. DM



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