South Africa

In pictures: Mourning Mandela

By G Nicolson & T Lekgowa 7 December 2013

As the country adjusts to the news that Nelson Mandela is gone, tributes continue to pour in from all corners. GREG NICOLSON and THAPELO LEKGOWA caught a few of the mourners on camera.


Women from Itsoseng Ward 100 singing their farewell songs to Mandela on Malibongwe Drive, Johannesburg. Photo: Thapelo Lekgowa


Girl reading out a message from one of the cards to her peers, Houghton Mandela residence. Photo: Thapelo Lekgowa


Girl with her head bowed after reading a card to Mandela, Houghton Mandela residence. Photo: Thapelo Lekgowa


Street kids Alfred Ngobeni and Betto Thusi get ready to place their flowers: “We love you Tata, rest in peace.” Houghton Mandela residence. Photo: Thapelo Lekgowa


Street kid Gideon Raseleta after placing his flowers amongst many others, Houghton Mandela residence. Photo: Thapelo Lekgowa


Many people came to Mandela’s Houghton home where the family had gathered to lay flowers and light candles. Photo: Greg Nicolson


Parliamentary Speaker Max Sisulu stands outside Mandela’s home while grandson Mandla Mandela walks inside. Photo: Greg Nicolson


Mourners listen to a prayer. Photo: Greg Nicolson


There were many people outside Mandela’s home, several wearing ANC gear – but also many non-party supporters who came to pay their respects. Photo: Greg Nicolson


A mourner prays. Photo: Greg Nicolson


The ANC had a strong presence at the Houghton vigil, with flags being handed out, merchandise being sold, and the ANC Harley Davidson crew arriving and revving their engines. Photo: Greg Nicolson DM



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