Afcon final in photos

By Greg Nicolson 11 February 2013

Nigeria’s Super Eagles took another African Cup of Nations on Sunday, beating Burkina Faso 1-0. GREG NICOLSON took to the stands to watch the match.

Greg 7121

Photo: Burkina Faso fans were far outnumbered by Nigerian supporters, but some of those who did arrive wore outfits that went above and beyond the fan’s duty.

Greg 7130

Photo: The closing ceremony featured artists such as Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Mi Casa and Nigerian star D’Banj alongside dancers. The sound was terrible, making a human map of Africa seem even more exciting.

Greg 7172

Photo: Nigerian fans far outnumbered those from Burkina Faso and were animated throughout the match.

Greg 7176

Photo: The Afcon tournament had a number of well-publicised problems with ticketing, and throughout the match some fans struggled to locate seating or were left standing.

Greg 7183

Photo: Nigeria eventually took the title, their third African Cup of Nations victory but their first in two decades.

Greg 7198

Photo: There was a heavy police and security presence throughout the match. They intervened early on when Nigerian fans played band instruments and later lit a flare to celebrate a goal. Police dragged suspected troublemakers from their seats to search and evict them.

Greg 7204

Photo: Most of the Nigerian fans Daily Maverick spoke to lived and worked in South Africa and relished the opportunity to see their country’s stars.

Greg 7226

Photo: As the game went into the second half, spectators flocked to the bar to buy drinks. The line to buy a R20 can of Castle Lager, which was poured into a glass, took around 30 minutes during peak times.

All photos by Greg Nicolson/Daily Maverick