@Jacksonm9 shoots, and scores for Los Jaguares!

By Sipho Hlongwane 2 November 2011

One of the moments of the past Rugby World Cup that the New Zealand side would rather we forgot was the famous Twitter ban that was imposed on its players. It was soon lifted, of course, but did make the managers look like Luddites. A Mexican football club is looking at Twitter rather differently. Instead of player names, the new Los Jaguares kit will feature the players’ Twitter handles. By SIPHO HLONGWANE.

It was Spanish football side Valencia that lead the way with Twitter – while they search for a new sponsor, they have put the club’s official Twitter account on the front of player kits.

Mexican Primera Division side Club de Futbol Jaguares de Chiapas (Los Jaguares) replaced player names that normally appear between the shoulder blades with Twitter handles. Except this club puts the name/handle below the big number on the back. No matter.

“Conscious of the age we live in, where we can all stay in touch through the internet no matter how distant, Jaguar launched a campaign and carried out various activities linked to Twitter,” the club explained in a statement. “In football as in life, 140 characters are enough to decide which side you’re on.”

The club is a mere nine years old, which could explain its 21st century outlook on things. Some clubs in the British Premier League are more than 100 years old. DM

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Photo: Reuters.


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