Android press-release generator pokes fun at carbon-copy statements

By Theresa Mallinson 19 August 2011

Many of Google's Android partners released remarkably similar comments in response to the company's takeover of Motorola Mobility. Now a cheeky press-release generator lets you create your own version. By THERESA MALLINSON.

Since Monday, when Google announced its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, the media has been abuzz with news and analysis of the deal. Of course, Google’s Android partners, who run the operating system on their handsets, all chipped in with their own responses.

To make this easier for them, some bright spark has created an Android press-release generator. “Dear ‘partner’ when talking about Google’s Motorola acquisition you must use the following template or your licence will be terminated,” reads the website. The default version of the template reads: “We welcome Google’s commitment to defending Android and its partners.”  

All the words  in the template are changeable, apart from “Google’s” and “Android”. And the options don’t always result in favourable comments, for example, we produced the following: “We hail Google’s commitment to warding off Android and its accomplices”. 

The real joke is, if you go with the default statement, it sounds pretty similar to what the Android partner executives have been saying in all seriousness. Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg actually said: “I welcome Google’s commitment to defending Android and its partners.” LG CEO Jong-Seok Park said exactly the same, just replacing the “I” with a “we”. They were both ripping off HTC CEO Peter Chou’s statement: “We welcome the news of today’s acquisition, which demonstrates that Google is deeply committed to defending Android, its partners, and the entire ecosystem.”

They’d better introduce some diversity into that ecosystem, or the public might just lose interest. DM

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