World Cup 2018 bid: England and Russia go to war, sort of

By Andy Rice 28 October 2010

The battle between Russia and England for the 2018 World Cup is heating up. Viacheslav Koloskov, a Russian former Fifa and Uefa executive committee member, called England "absolutely primitive", and bid leader Alexey Sorokin made comments about the high crime rate and drinking habit of young Londoners, prompting the British to lodge an official complaint with Fifa. Even though Fifa has very strict rules about saying nasty things about one's bid opponents, it have bigger problems at the moment. Two executive board members have been caught soliciting bribes from journalists whom they mistook for lobbyists, and the Fifa board has its hands full dealing with the resultant fallout. The England team broke its silence to condemn the comments from Russia, to which Koloskov responded with even more scoffing. Are we the only ones who think that Russia accusing England of being a nation of drinkers is a bit rich? Read more: BBC News