UPDATE: Roger Kebble dodges testimony – again

By Andy Rice 25 October 2010

The murder trial of Glenn Agliotti ground to a halt yet again today, after state witness Roger Kebble failed to show up in court. According to prosecutors, he has a doctor's note, which says that he has a heart condition and therefore can't testify. Agliotti's defence was not amused. "We are being messed around, my Lord. There is no other terminology," Laurence Hodes said to the court. The case was postponed in August so Kebble could undergo knee surgery in early September, something that has not yet happened. Judge Frans Kgomo adjourned for tea, and is expected to rule on the matter at 14:00. Agliotti is on trial for masterminding the death of Kebble's son Brett.  UPDATE: The judge has ruled that as Kebble is only a peripheral witness, there can be no further postponements on his account. The state has been ordered to lead another witness, and then introduced Kebble. Read more: Times Live; Sapa, via News24


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