Toyota recalls 1.5 million cars over leaking break fluid

By Andy Rice 21 October 2010

Toyota announced on Thursday that it would be recalling a further 1.5 million cars, owing to a break-fluid leak. The US (740,000 cars) and Japan (600,000 cars) are the countries most-affected by the recalls. The US vehicles to be recalled are 2005 to 2006 models of the Avalon, the 2004 to 2006 non-hybrid models of the Highlander, the Lexus RX330, and the 2006 Lexus GS300, IS250 and IS350 vehicles.  Read more: AFP, via Sydney Morning Herald



Zondo Commission will be long and thorough – will it outlast President Ramaphosa?

By Ferial Haffajee

Microwave popcorn is nothing special. You can have the same effect with normal popcorn kernels and a brown paper bag.