World Cup boosts South Africa’s international reputation

By Andy Rice 13 October 2010

According to the Reputation Institute of South Africa, the hosting of the World Cup has significantly improved the reputation of South Africa among the G8 countries. "At the beginning of the year, South Africa was grouped at a level with several countries with serious reputational issues," said Dominik Heil, the managing director of the Risa. "Post World Cup, the country's rating had improved to be on par with Peru and Thailand." We're not too sure it's that cool being grouped with Thailand these days, but hey, we'll take what we can get. The study compared levels of reputation in January and again in August of 2010. During the same time, local perceptions of the country nose-dived, due to the fact that the survey was conducted during the public servants' strike. Read more: Sapa, via TimesLive



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Antoinette Muller 3 hours ago

Stephen Hawking held a party for time travellers. He sent the invitation out the day after. Nobody attended.