Banksy tags Springfield

By Andy Rice 11 October 2010

The Simpsons episode that screened in the US on Sunday night, called MoneyBart, featured a title sequence conceptualised by UK graffiti artist Banksy. The artist tagged his name on a wall of Springfield Elementary, and Bart's blackboard lines read: "I will not write on the walls. I will not write on the walls" (with the same line appearing on the classroom walls as well). However, the normal intro then segues from showing the Simpsons sitting in their living room to scenes in a Chinese sweatshop, featuring cute little kitties being killed so that their fur can be used to stuff Bart Simpson dolls, and a clearly unhappy Panda being used to pull a cart containing said dolls. Banksy's intro was apparently inspired by accusations that The Simpsons outsources some of its animation to South Korea. Read more: BBC News


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