Naked Cowboy announces US presidential bid

By Andy Rice 7 October 2010

Robert Burke, aka The Naked Cowboy has officially announced his intention to contest the 2012 US presidential elections. He will be running as a Tea Party candidate. Burke's claim to fame is his busking act on Times Square, where he performs wearing only a cowboy hat and boots, and a pair of briefs. In 2009 Burke announced that he would be running for mayor of New York, but later withdrew from the race. This time round he seems serious though - he's had a haircut and an image makeover, actually wearing a suit and tie for his bid announcement in New York on Wednesday. Yeeha! Read more: TimesLive



In Pictures: Day 11 of the World Cup

Antoinette Muller 11 hours ago

Stephen Hawking held a party for time travellers. He sent the invitation out the day after. Nobody attended.