No springbok emblem on chest at rugby WC

By Andy Rice 1 October 2010

The South African Rugby Union are introducing a new Springbok supporters' jersey, with no springbok on the chest. According to government guidelines, the official emblem of South African sports teams has be the left side of the chest on national sports jerseys. On the Bok kit, that's where the springbok used to be. And they can't simply move it onto the right side of the chest either, because International Rugby Board rules state that the World Cup emblem should go there. Saru has been forced to relegate the controversial emblem to the sleeve of the World Cup jersey. If it's any consolation, IRB rules dictate that no sponsors can display their names on a World Cup jersey, meaning that Absa (widely expected to be Bok sponsor from early next year) will spends lots and lots of money so that their name doesn't appear on the Bok kit.  Read more: Sport24



Fudging, obfuscation and misdirection hobble the route to the nitty-gritty of expropriation

By Marianne Merten

Bladerunner (1980s version) is a visual feast due in large part to the Hollywood Actors Strike. This allowed the designers an extra three months to refine the sets and props.