Facebook to set stage for Aids rape documentary

By Andy Rice 27 September 2010

Michealene Risley, a documentary filmmaker, will appear in a live Facebook interview on Tuesday, to speak about her new film about the myth that sex with a virgin can cure Aids. The interview will be streamed on Facebook Live, and Risley will respond to questions sent in by Facebook users. The interview will coincide with the screening of her documentary, called Tapestries of Hope. Facebook has been instrumental in the making of this movie, after helping secure Risley's release from a Zimbabwean jail. She was arrested in 2007 when she was in the country for filming. A producer posted a message on Facebook, saying that Risley had been arrested, and a news reporter who had been following the team on Facebook alerted US authorities, who talked to Zimbabwe and secured the filmmaker's release. Facebook have reportedly worked closely with Risley and her team ever since. Read: TimesLive


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