SA’s economic freedom plunges

By Andy Rice 20 September 2010

The Free Market Foundation released its annual Economic Freedom report on Monday, with South Africa ranked 82 out of 141 countries surveyed. This is a drop of 12 places from last year's position of 70, and a massive 40 places since its ranking of of 42 in 2002. "It has taken less than a decade to slide 40 places down the rankings. This is a matter of grave concern," the FMF said. The report measures five different areas: the size of government, property rights, access to sound money, freedom of international trade, and regulation of the credit, labour, and business sectors. Read more: Sapa, via TimesLive



2018 Media Gathering, live from Cape Town International Convention Centre

By Daily Maverick


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Greg Nicolson 3 hours ago

The filming of The Beach permanently damaged the ecosystem on the Thai island it was located on.