Chilean miners get cigarettes – but no alcohol

By Andy Rice 13 September 2010

The 33 miners trapped underground in Chile have convinced authorities to supply them with cigarettes - although the group will be restricted to two boxes of cigarettes a week. Nasa was against the idea, owing to ventilation issues, but officials caved in to the miners repeated demands after the ventilation was improved. However, their calls for alcohol are still falling on deaf ears. The rescue of the miners, who have been stuck underground for more than a month, may be be achieved only by Christmas.  Read more: The Guardian via the M&G



First 100 days: Off to a good start in diplomacy

Carien Du Plessis 1 hour ago

"I do not understand how holding a placard to protest against gender-based violence would be interpreted as insulting the modesty of a woman." ~ Beatrice Mateyo