Parliament won’t give Defence Ministry funds till they see reports

By Stephen Grootes 1 September 2010

The Defence and Military Veterans Portfolio Committee says it will not deliberate on the defence budget until they receive the interim reports which Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu is refusing to hand over to Parliament until it is reviewed by Cabinet. By refusing to deliberate on the defence budget, Parliament is effectively refusing to give money to Sisulu's Ministry. Portfolio Chairman Nyami Booi has also written to Vice President Kgalema Motlanthe, asking him to make Sisulu release the documents, and says that he will write to Cabinet as a last resort if Motlanthe refuses to play ball. Understandably then, interest in the contents of the documents is very high, and an interim report to the public service commission detailing the state of the military, which was leaked to the Sunday Times, points to poor conditions and dangerously low morale within the military. The reports that Sisulu is holding on to could show that things are very ugly with our defence force. Read more: Mail and Guardian and SAPA, via News24.



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