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Two tons of ivory and rhino horn seized at Nairobi airport

By Azad Essa 24 August 2010

Kenyan authorities seized two tonnes of raw elephant ivory and five rhino horns at the airport in Nairobi, after a sniffer dog found the illegal goods in crates bound for Malaysia. Officials say this is the biggest haul of ivory in recent years, and may be a stash collected over 20 years. Most of it appears to be pulled or hacked off animals that died naturally. Two suspects were arrested. Poaching in Kenya, whose elephant population is estimated at 35,000 is on the rise again. Read more: AFP and BBC News.



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Exclusive: Batohi acts fast, tough in Bosasa’s NPA mole case

By Jessica Bezuidenhout

Female-named hurricanes kill more people on average than male hurricanes. This is due to people not being as intimidated by the former as the latter.