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Swazi prince accuses pharmaceuticals of exaggerating HIV cases for profits

By Andy Rice 20 August 2010

Prince Mangaliso, a top adviser to Swaziland's King Mswati III, drew the ire of Aids activists after saying that the HIV pandemic in Africa's last absolute monarchy was being exaggerated for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies. Activists called the remarks irresponsible. Mangaliso said public awareness campaigns against HIV were nothing more than scare tactics, and that male circumcision was just as effective as taking a bath after sexual intercourse. Now, where have we heard that one before? Read more: BBC News.




Victim, villain or pawn: Why Eskom ‘whistle-blower’ Suzanne Daniels was fired

By Jessica Bezuidenhout

Magenta has no physical wavelength. It thus does not "exist" strictly speaking. Rather our brains are telling us that we are seeing "not green".