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BMF weighs in against media

By Andy Rice 18 August 2010

The Black Management Forum have slammed a report by Business Report reporter as racist, saying it was evidence that "the media industry needs another level of regulation beyond self-regulation to ensure fairness and an equitable information dissemination characterised by credibility and integrity" (read: Media Appeals Tribunal). The article in question praised the CCMA for receiving an unqualified audit from the Auditor General's office. Ann Crotty wrote that the audit found the CCMA to be  "... as close to squeaky clean as is humanly possible". The BMF felt that the media were being racist, since Siyabonga Gama (fired from Transnet for procedural irregularities) was roundly condemned as corrupt by the 4th estate and opposition parties. According to the BMF, the CCMA received praise from the media because the chairperson is white. Yes, we're just as mystified by the BMF's assertion as you are.Read more: Politicsweb, TimesLive and the Business Report article that drew the BMF's ire.



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