Africa, Politics

Former Nigerian military leader to run for president

By Andy Rice 17 August 2010

Ibrahim Babangida seized power via a military coup in Nigeria 25 years ago, and infamously overturned the results of a poll that was seen to be fair, but eventually handed power over to an interim government in 1993. He is now launching a bid to replace current incumbent Goodluck Jonathan as the ruling People's Democratic Party's candidate for the upcoming elections. Babangida is hoping that the people of Nigeria will overlook his undemocratic past, and instead focus on his "wealth of experience", when electing their next President. Read more: The AFP and the Guardian.



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Along with the R16.1m in illicit payments, VBS approved Brian Shivambu’s R1.46m home loan, with a little help from uBhuti ka Brian

By Pauli Van Wyk

Your SIM card is a legitimate self-contained computer. It has a 30MHz CPU64kb of RAM and a tiny amount of storage space. It won't run the latest FIFA if that's what you're hoping.