Republicans attack Obama over Muslim center comments

By Andy Rice 16 August 2010

In what may become a major issue in the upcoming US midterm elections, Republican leaders have attacked US President Barack Obama for his supposed endorsement of the proposed Muslim center, to be built a mere two blocks away from the site of the 9/11 attacks. House minority leader John Boehner called the decision to build the mosque close to ground zero "deeply troubling" and said the same of the President's decision to endorse it. Ed Rollins, a Republican strategist said that the President may be intellectually right, but the mosque was an emotive issue. The consensus amongst Republicans is that building a mosque close to the site where 3000 people lost their lives to terrorist attacks is insensitive to the families of the victims. Obama said that he supported the right of Muslims to build the center, but would not comment on the "wisdom" of locating it in Lower Manhattan.  Read more: The NY Times, Reuters Africa, NY Times on Obama's speech.



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