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25 November 2017 03:49 (South Africa)

Facebook 'Dislike' button is a scam

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It is the one thing that every discerning person wished Facebook had: a 'Dislike' button, to heap scorn and derision on one's "friends". But when it finally arrived, it turned out to be scam. Once the person has been duped into allowing the rogue application to access their profile, it sends out spam messages. Facebook have confirmed that they have not released an official "Dislike" application, so if you've installed it, you've been suckered. Simply uninstalling the application should fix the problem and stop the spam messages. Looks like we'll be stuck with actually telling people how brainless they are, as opposed to simply clicking on the 'Dislike' button, for a while yet. Read more: BBC News and Mashable.

  • Business

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