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Naomi Campbell’s ex-agent lied to court, says Charles Taylor’s lawyer

By Andy Rice 10 August 2010

Courtenay Griffiths QC, defence lawyer for Charles Taylor at the Special Court for Sierra Leone court at the Hague, has come out guns blazing against Naomi Campbell and her ex-agent Carole White. Griffiths branded White a liar, saying that her account of the events at that fateful Mandela dinner in 1997 are a complete fabrication. "Quite frankly, Miss White, I suggest that your account is a complete pack of lies, and you have made it up in order to assist in your lawsuit against Miss Campbell," he said. White said in a witness statement that she had overheard Charles Taylor tell Naomi Campbell that he would send her a diamond, but then under cross-examination, denied that she had heard the former Liberian warlord actually say the word "diamond". Griffiths also criticised the prosecution's decision to call Naomi Campbell to the witness stand, saying it has been an enormous distraction. Despite the disparities between the testimonies of Naomi Campbell, Mia Farrow and Carole White, they were in agreement in that rough, uncut diamonds were present at that dinner. Carole White is currently suing Naomi Campbell for $600 000 in lost earnings over the last two years. Read more: Sapa via IOL, the UKPA and BBC News.



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